Friday, May 25, 2012

Day Eight

Friday – Day eight

Oh my! Just a few more days of this! I don’t know if I am ready to stop yet.

This morning I woke up at 4am to drive a friend to the airport. Got back home around 5:45 and went back to bed for another hour. Woke up, Isa flush did its thing again! Stepped on the scale and I was down a pound. For the last few days I fluctuated. I would go down .5 pounds and then back up. I lost an inch around my waste, but nothing else that I could tell.  But this morning was a successful drop. I think taking protein before bed was helpful, also sticking to my calorie limit for lunch.

.... I had a short break for lunch today because I got off work at 3pm. I rushed to Panera to meet Caleb, literally stuffed 1/2 a bbq salad (dressing on the side) down my throat and rushed back to work. It was good though! Every second of that salad. YUM! 

I got off work early so I picked up some cleaning supplies from Target and went on a cleaning spree. I deep cleaned our entire apartment. 

Around 8pm I had my dinner shake. I had a friend over who wanted to sign up for Isagenix, so I let her taste my shake. She was sold. She bought a 9 day right then and there. :) 

Had another piece of the lemon crunch bar before falling asleep. Slept like a baby. 

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