Friday, May 25, 2012

Day Seven

(this was supposed to be dated Thursday, May 24, 2012)

The next day was Thursday- Day Seven – and let’s just say, the extra water intake paired with Isaflush made for successful bodily function issues! So if you are doing the cleanse, and you are feeling stopped up… drink extra water and take a couple Isaflushes before you go to bed.

I realized I like Chocolate shakes the best. I just do. It’s the woman side of me. So I have been having chocolate shakes for my shake meals.

For lunch I had Chipotle again. I got a bowl with minimal black beans, chicken, lettuce, guacamole and cheese. It was less than 600 calories so that made for a successful lunch option!

I had my shake around 7pm, went to a friend’s house, got home and was SUPER hungry. Instead of going to bed hungry, I went through my sample box Isa sent me, and found the lemon crunch bar that is high in protein. I broke off a little piece and ate it to calm my hunger pains. Slept like a baby. J I think it’s good to have a little protein before bed. I could feel it working around in my stomach. Something was going on!

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