Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day Nine

Saturday - Day 9 

Normally today would be another shake day - but with Memorial day being on Monday, Caleb wanted to cleanse early so he could be done in time to enjoy our barbecue. Since I think this whole thing works best when we are on the same schedule, I decided to switch as well.

SO - this morning was supposed to be the first of our last two cleanse days. 
HOWEVER, when we signed up, we split a 30 day cleanse because its cheaper than ordering two 9 days. BUT,  our consultant forgot to order an extra container of the cleanse powder (which is needed for 2 people to have 4 cleanse days). When we realized this, our consultant was quick to order us another one last week. I figured we would have it by today, but when I checked the mail it still hadn't come. :/ Yikes.

Here is our plan. We cleanse today, do a shake day tomorrow, enjoy memorial day - when our cleanse finally gets here, I will do another cleanse day. Gotta do what you gotta do! 

This morning I was down another pound. Which brings me to a total of 7 pounds lost in one week. Woo hoo! 
We have been drinking our cleanse drink and trying to stay busy. 
Caleb is napping because it helps not to realize hunger. :) 

Tomorrow we get lunch again! 

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