Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day Ten

Sunday - Day Ten 

So as I mentioned before, our cleanse schedule is a little disjointed based because of a mix up when we placed our order. 

Since we ran out of our cleanse drink yesterday we made today another shake day.

I am LOVING the chocolate shake. I wanted to lick the inside of the blender pitcher. So good! 

We had church this morning and we had to be there at 7:30 to serve. I am one of the team leads for our Coffee ministry. SO I have to stay outside during the service and make sure everything is as it should be. Today was a VERY eventful service. Let's just say in ended up in me running (literally) to Denny's trying to chase down a woman to give her a free Bible. She was no where to be seen. But hey, God knows where she is. 

I had more than enough energy to get through those few hours of craziness. 
After church we went to lunch at Rubios and I got their street tacos plate. MY FAVORITE! 

After that I felt like I was going to literally fall asleep in my chair. Caleb helped me up. We walked to World Market which was right around the corner and got some stuff for tomorrow's BBQ. We're still going to keep it healthy, but World Market is the only place I have seen Mint KitKats ... in years. No one believes me when I say they exist. But they do and I bought proof. ;) 

Ok... SO my last day is technically tomorrow... BUT I took a before and after picture to see my progress. Aside from the scale and measuring tape, it's hard to notice the little differences because I see myself every day.  So here is my picture. I'm a work in progress, but this is definitely progress. I fully plan on continuing to buy the shakes and cleanse drinks and add them to my daily routine. Maybe I will keep replacing breakfast with the shake and I will have a glass of cleanse juice with my dinner.  And every now and then I will do another 9 day. Just to keep my body in check.

One thing I love about Isagnenix and it's perfectly planned cleanse system is that its NOT just a colon cleanse where you lose a bunch of water weight and then gain it all back. I am ridding my body of toxins. And then filling it with the nutrients it needs. That is why they break up the cleanse days with shake days. The cleanse days are the "deep cleaning" days so to speak. And they don't advise you to do more than two in a row. And then the shake days are for maintaining nutrition and allowing your body to recover between cleanse days. 
The shakes are packed full of vitamins and minerals and protein. This isn't a fruit/fiber cleanse. It's a system that sets you up for success. 

For me, it has changed the way I think about food. It has changed my mentality of hunger. It has reminded me that I don't need coffee and soda and sugar to keep going throughout the day. When you are taking in the things your body needs, it will thank you... by running properly and looking good!  

It's blurry cause its from my phone. 

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